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What is Fork&knife Hospitality?

Fork&knife Hospitality is a one stop Staffing & Training solution for booming Hospitality industry.Coming from same industry, we have seen a real shortage of skilled staff not only in small take away shops but also in big Eating venues including 5 star venues. Hospitality industry in Australia is a significant sector for Australian economy after mining and tourism. This sector not only provides over 3,00,000 employment to Australian people but also plays crucial role in Australian way of life being a great place to catch up for after work drinks, meeting place or entertainment hub. Each year Australian Hospitality sector spends around $100 Millions on Training and development for their staff in best bid to retain them for long term. Fork&Knife Hospitality steps in here with combination of both tools at common place 1) Staffing Solutions 2) Training & Up Skill Programs.


When did Fork&Knife Hospitality begin?

After dealing with number of employers in Hospitality industry for their staff's visa issues and also staffing issues among our regular issues, we came up with idea to start this initiative which provides one stop solutions to our industry clients for Staffing, Training and Visa Services so this valued Entrepreneurs can focus on their core business and work towards growing it more. Idea to start up Fork&Knife came to one of the founder Tejas's mind while travelling in Melbourne Suburban Metro with another work mate.. Being a successful employee in Australian Education & Immigration industry, work mate liked the idea instantly due nature of product and size of industry with our unique servicing strategies so we decided to move on with the project.


Why Choose Fork&Knife Hospitality services being an Employer or Job Seeker?



Free for All Services to
Employers & Job Seekers


National Accredited
Training for Staff


Market the jobs & Attract
the right talent
  • Working Closely with Hotel/Restaurant owners and young entrepreneurs, we make sure that their staff get nationally accredited training to upskill them under government funded programs so they can contribute more towards business success. We deliver this courses in association with many Registered Training Organisations (RTO) across Australia.
  • Having a rich online and digital social media marketing experience, we believe we can market this job openings better than any one else and also can target specific people more effectively than others to make sure our Advertisers get more candidates to choose from but not deal with limited numbers.
  • Professional and Specialist for Hospitality.
  • Carrying over 10 years of combined professional experience, we believe its always better to be specialist than a general practitioner with multiple choices. We’ve chosen to focus on the hospitality industry, and over the years we’ve developed an intimate understanding of this industry, so we’re perfectly positioned to meet your needs. We know how your world works, and we speak your language.
  • Carry the Values with every word we speak.
  • Honesty, Integrity, Reliability, Passionate and commitment is 5 Core values which describe our day to day work for all our clients.
  • Its not a about one time dealing.
  • We do not take our work as a casual job which may not be back to you but we take it as permanent in house job to make sure we create such relations with all employers as well as job seekers that they can not stop themselves but refer us to their friends or else.
  • Conclusion of the story is “ ALL WE CARE ABOUT IS YOU & YOUR BUSINESS “.

Where is Fork&Knife Hospitality based in Australia?

We are based in Melbourne CBD with lots of great food joints with mouth watering menus. Having a sister company offices in Perth and Sydney, we will be expanding in this cities for this products as well.

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Friendly staff member of Fork & Knife Employment are available here to assist you with your inquiries regarding applying for job, posting resumes, listing new jobs, enrolling in course, taking up services for Resumes or professional development.

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