The season is officially opened at the end of this month, in order to help the players can advance into the state, the preseason has started early. Then after a summer of adjustment, the players at the foot of the shoes, what will happen to the first, with preview players on a real foot. 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For example, morning drink of water, we need to go to the table, picked up the bottle, pour the water into the cup, drink again issued instructions, which are related to the following areas of the brain - occipital lobe, parietal lobe, motion perception and cheap jordan shoes for men sensorimotor cortex, basal ganglia, cerebellum and frontal. Just a few seconds, a storm of neuronal activity has engulfed the entire brain. but from the image, whether we engage in what cognitive tasks, the brain is only a small part of shiny areas were activated in this regard, Jiang Bin think this easily leads to a misunderstanding -- "no matter what our cognitive activities, many functional modules of the cognitive system must work together to complete the task, we see the shining area in the image, is mainly responsible for the area of a campaign, other areas of the brain will participate, but do not need to master the activation level for region is so high." For example, if you sit on the chair, feet did not move, but never say your feet did not work, at least in the foot blood flow is still in regardless of day and night life, continue to support. many people will take Einstein said, it is because they think scientists have smart brain development than ordinary people more.Paul George - Nike Bradley Bill - Austen Rivers - adidas Jordan Clarkson -Curry 2 will no doubt be curry in next season's feet shoes, this pair of last season 's finals during exposure of the shoes really to wait for the season to the library on foot? The answer is "not curry"! In addition to the previously in the USA basketball training camp released "USA" color, this pair of curry 2 also appeared in the official UA of Steven & middot; curry is about to open the Asian Tour propaganda films, there is reason to believe that curry 2 may be curry Asia flagship shoes. source: UA