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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] in Chinese sportswear market battle, Adidas (stores) (Adidas) are catching up Nike (stores) company (Nike). This production of sports shoes and hoodies German manufacturers said, the fourth quarter sales in China increased by 12%, the annual increase of 27%. Because Reebok (Reebok) brand impairment of 265 million euros, Adidas ? 272 million loss in the fourth quarter of last year (about $ 353 million), in this context, the performance can be described as a bright spot in China. At the same time, US manufacturers Nike sales in China declined, China's domestic sportswear brands are issues continue. Nike "destocking" key Adidas China strategy is to extend beyond the brand shoes and sportswear. Currently, Adidas is restructuring retail stores, each store will allow focus on specific mar jordans on sale mens ket segments, such as basketball and other sportswear, as well as teen clothing and casual apparel. "there will be no large and universal shop." Adidas Greater China general manager, director of high-Skyline (ColinCurrie) said that the next two years, Adidas will launch subdivision counters in mainland China stores in 7000, provide professional products to attract backpackers and even fashionistas. According to market research firm Euromonitor statistics, in China the scale of 148 billion yuan (23.8 billion US dollars) in the sports apparel market, Adidas currently holds 11.2% of share, accounting for 12.1 percent of Nike. For a long time, Nike Chinese market has been dominant, but in the quarter ended November 30 of last year, Nike Greater China sales fell 12%. 12 at the end of last year, Nike executives said, in an effort jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black to solve the inventory problem, intends to expand the size of existing stores, create high-end products. Adidas has been digging sportswear manufacturer in Europe and America is the first expansion in China's garment enterprises, but these companies are facing competition from European and American casual apparel retailers. The latter includes the United States, Gap, as well as Spain's Zara brand InditexSA. Meanwhile, the Chinese sports and cultural development is very slow, unable to catch up with the rapid expansion of sports apparel. Sports equipment manufacturers difficult to sell higher-margin apparel and sports equipment in China. In addition, since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games after ordering too many products, China's domestic sportswear brand stalled in subsequent years. All these explain why the Adidas goods p cheap foamposites repared many retail outlets in China, are its NEO brand red stovepipe jeans, fashion cloak and button collar gingham shirt. "respected fashion Adidas in China seems to have tasted the sweetness." Shanghai consulting firm ChinaMarketResearchGroup senior analyst Roy (JamesRoy) said that most Chinese people do not wear sports clothes, they seldom exercise. High Skyline says Adidas has from the Swedish fashion company Hennes & amp; recruitment MauritzAB and the Spanish Zara and other retailers. Adidas also by region will be more "personalized build" Chinese mainland stores offer those products for different climates and customers. For the same series of new rivals, Adidas NEO is also accelerating the development of its product line. This series of casual clothes aimed at young city often high Skyline said, and compared to any ot Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale her brand, adidas casual sportswear to build its speed faster. Adi tighten inventory management In addition, adidas is tightening inventory management. Skyline High, said the whole Chinese market, Adidas is analyzing sales data its franchise partners and overseeing order situation, which can be done in less than 90 days to make the product off the shelf. about 7,000 home stores in the Chinese market, only 10% of Adidas all. High Skyline said, in order to convince the franchises to new variation, Adidas will be the first to make a change in the Direct stores. The company is Wuhan pilot plan. In Wuhan, five years ago, it looks exactly the same five Adidas store, has now been transformed into stores for different groups of people, whose objects include basketball players and those just looking for a fashionable hoodie custome jordans on sale online rs. The company spokesman said sales at stores last year, an increase of these 80% (over the previous year). (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)About our contact, privacy policy, advertising, Recruitment Information 2016LONG7.COM, ALL, RIGHTS, RESERVED / POWERED, BY, LONG7, PROFESSIONAL, SNEAKER, MEDIA, Shanghai, ICP, ready for No. recently, the famous Sneakerhead DJ Khaled received a special gift, from Jordan Brand for the University of Michigan produced Air Jordan 5, "FAB 5" Michigan PE. It's early 90s in Michigan Wuhu wild and intractable for inspiration, yellow black collocation vamp ornament, and printed with a unique Logo in the heel.Fan: often commissioning editor date: 2017-6-27 HD: MVP Air Jordan Memorial Westbrook released 31 MVP color Westbrook has just taken the MVP ti cheap air jordans tle of the regular season, and Jordan Brand commemorates the new color Air Jordan 31. This AJ31 still continues to be a little habit, using the AJ31 shoe upper and the AJ30 bottom. The black shoe upper has the blue orange matching color with the thunder team theme, the heel is written with the little motto Why Not, and the Why Not word is the less image of the 3M. There is also a T - shirt printed with pictures of young children and the words of Why Not. This Air Jordan 31 sells for $185.although LBJ8 is already on the market, NIKE has no intention of abandoning LBJ7. This time, NIKE launched LBJ7's new suit, "heros pack".";. The suit was launched to commemorate James's three idols, MJ, Hardaway, and Deion Sanders. And now what you want to see is the Hardaway color suit in the suit. The entire pair of shoes is based on the black a air jordan 11 space jam for sale nd blue color of Hardaway's team magic, while on the insole there are vertical lines similar to those of the magic striped jersey of the year. ) f) y {5 B3 F4]# splat; J and Kobe, and the Hornets James seems to have nothing to do, but Nike still launched the so-called Hornets, which can make people feel is another quanqian action Nike. 8 N" v# M1 a. h$q%; @ download (102.98 KB)〈br 2010-5-10="" 10:140 z" x$l- d0 W6 I6 E'(h# ^ y download (101.72 KB)〈br 2010-5-10="" 10:140 A3 M ? - U. {'H" m" t download (107.73 KB)〈br 2010-5-10="" 10:144 J0 f: D7 M2 R2 { download (145.51 KB)〈br 2010-5-10="" 10:142 N; y* G0]6 B0 o?!Mark McNairy X Eastland Berwick USA 2013-12-08 22:31:34 Mark McNairy shoes series is famous for their carved shoes and the two gentlemen, launched shoes have been widely praised, in addition to jordan 3 katrina 2018 their own launch gentleman shoes popular outside, Mark McNairy also frequently with other different brands launched joint series. Recently, Mark McNairy teamed up with the brand Eastland Berwick USA to create the latest series of non shoes. The shoes are made of Berwick USA Moc Toe shoes, made of Horween Leather high quality canvas and leather mixed, with metal lace holes and leather texture of shoelaces, full of texture. Color on this time launched a total of three color, there are two also with camouflage design, making shoes more fashionable sense. The price of each shoe is 550 dollars.The air and the cold winter haze of the sun to bring a new face to the whole city, people are in a hurry to depart lost joyful face. People hate not wrapped tightly with a crack, afraid of the cold air invasion into their bodies. There was also buy cheap jordans online a little bit of popularity in the streets, except for those who hurried home from work, and only the overtime workers were wandering on the streets at night. Where is the trail of the city? It's time for us to forget the cold of winter and the cold of the streets, and find the real traces of the city.The trend of hat brand Just Don boss Don C Nike Sneakerball recently unveiled at the scene on foot, he was a Just Don x Air Jordan 2 branded shoes, the shoe design with the same just the commercially available version, high-quality leather texture quite build, car decoration line. But the difference is that this pair of shoes is made of black shoes, and the details are decorated with a metal texture of gold to make it more luxurious. Shoe buckle, shoes eyes and tongue wing Logo are the use of metal materials, but this is not the reaso Retro jordans for sale n whether the production of shoes, Don C said, because the design of metal parts did not pass the safety regulations audit, so mass production cannot be put into commercial.This is the classic brand visvim series FBT PRIME brings new. The cow suede shoes making tanning plant use produced in Sweden, the design on the side of the cloth turning, Tassels and stitch detail is still the folk style design of FBT signature, but in addition, FBT PRIME also joined the polyurethane scaffold with lustre stability, with the line more rich bottom in Vibram it is more durable. The launch of a total of 4 colors for you to choose, namely, Light, Brown, Brown, Dark, Brown and Black, has been purchased by Feature, priced at $715 U.S. dollars. on the art of shoes, presumably everyone will not be unfamiliar, from LEGO blocks to oil paintings and a series of surrounding, always bring surprises to everyone. Recently, a man named SoleStitches manual artists as we bring new creative works by weaving and winding techniques to restore the fragment design x Air Jordan 1, Air Foamposite and Nike One Air Mag and many other classic shoes. It is reported that the work is divided into mini, normal and increase the third dimension, price is based on the size depends on the size, ranging from $$65 to $$360, interested friends can have in the online store to buy SoleStitches.Reebok Kamikaze 2 NBA is the famous Sean Camp signature shoe buckle, nicknamed the rain peak period spent in NBA Shawn Kemp Seattle supersonics. In 1989, he became a NBA player as a senior high school student. He was selected as the NBA All-Star team in the 1993-1997 year. In 1994, he was selected as the two team of the dream, winning the world basketball championship for the United states. When the fitness world is the rain big kill inside, and his feet in his beautiful shoes Reebok Kamikaze 2 volcano is also a big fan of love, therefore, 2013 Reebok Kamikaze 2 in the spring will be engraved white black green, red and black, launched the all star black and white and navy blue and white color, which a red color is very eye-catching, love friends have to wait for a long time.Many people may not know, water is the most thirst and health drinks in the world, especially from Vergè in southern France; Ze Perrier Paris water, is a volcano gas flows through the "Cevenol" chalk and underground rainwater naturally rises to the surface mixed into rich and strong bubble, given the Paris water Perrier refreshing thirst quenching taste, let Paris water Perrier known as the "mineral water champagne". Paris water Perrier in nature presents stability of calcium and magnesium, potassium and other minerals, brings a unique taste and pleasant for it, will become the "French Medical Association" won recognition of the health benefits of "natural mineral water" (Natural Mineral Water). It is not easy to obtain "natural mineral water" certification. In addition to the water source, the water must be poured out from the ground floor, protected from all man-made pollution, and bottled directly in the water source. At the same time, the minerals in the water should be kept stable for a long time. Proper drinking of Paris water Perrier can not only supplement the water needed by the human body, but also make the natural bubbles contained in the water of Paris more comfortable for people to drink.